nvm... Viva la Geog~: Pre Micro-teaching

Viva la Geog~

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Pre Micro-teaching

Here’s a rough prelude to my thought and feeling prior to the microteaching.

There was so much going through my mind in planning for the micro-teaching. Being one of the last few left, I felt there is so much expectation – to make the lesson interesting. Yet, I find it hard to deviate and to plan something without using Power Point completely.

I realized that I paid a lot of attention in trying to think of ways of managing the class better. I was recalling the previous micro-teaching and how the rest reacted to the various simulations. I panicked~! I simply couldn’t see myself in their shoes dealing with all the misbehaviour. I couldn’t quite imagine what I would do! So yes, on Tuesday night, I was panicking like crazy lah!! And using the elimination method, just like the way Jac did it, I was pre-empting a fight of a fire-drill. To just digress a little, I was actually imagining the gals screaming, jumping in joy that the lesson is cut short. I visualized myself screaming on top of my lungs to make them line up in twos before I bring them down to the NIE canteen. Frankly speaking, that was my plan if indeed a fire drill simulation was matrialised. Haha!

Anyways, back to my lesson planning, I personally love that video on the eruption of Mt. St. Helen’s and there was really so much I feel they could learn from it. Much of the important information that I wanted to highlight to the class are in different segments of the video. It did occur to me that the information gathered from the video could be rather disjointed but could not extract the parts I wanted and piece it all together. So I decide to just go with what I have got.

I was kind of worried also that I might be slow at reacting to different scenarios. Based on the previous microteachings, I was wondering whether I am even able to pick out what the rest will be simulating. I was really hoping that my radar is on high alert mode!


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